Saturday, December 6, 2014

Feel the healing power of music...

Internationally acclaimed pianist and composer Paul Cardall understands the healing power of music. It has been a powerful part of his own personal healing. Born with a congenital heart defect, Paul had only one functioning ventricle. Living on essentially half a heart led to several surgeries in his youth and teen years. At age 36, he received a heart transplant.

Throughout his life, Paul has used the power of music to heal the hearts and souls of his fans and himself. Anyone who is fortunate enough to attend one of his concerts or speeches has felt that power. Nebo Comfort Systems President Robert Moore stated "It is impossible to come away from a Paul Cardall concert without feeling better about the world and all that is beautiful in it."

Paul & Tina CardallGrateful for his life and the second chance his heart transplant gave him, Paul doesn't see his music as a career so much as it is his mission. Through his Paul Cardall Family Foundation and Saving Tiny Hearts Foundation Paul has used his talent and the voice it gives him to help patients and families nationwide who are suffering from congenital heart disease.

His family is an important part of his success in his career and in every aspect of his life. His wife, Tina, works side by side with him in his many efforts, making them a wonderfully powerful team.

In addition to his own recording career, Paul has shared the power of music with other artists. In 1999 Paul founded his own record Stone Angel Music and has helped launch the careers of such notable artists as Steven Sharp Nelson, Ryan Tilby and more.

The Nebo Comfort Systems Community of Caring is proud and honored to have Paul working with us on the Music Heals Concert and as a judge in the Music Heals High School Piano Composition Contest. Like Paul, we believe that we are here, on this earth, given specific talents for a purpose.

How do you fight a worldwide killer? One victory at a time! The Nebo Comfort Systems Community of Caring has partnered with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in their fight against the deadly disease of cancer. Now in it's one hundred and first year, ACS has been in the forefront of many of the major advancements in diagnosis, treatment and education about cancer... and the battle is far from over.

The Relay For Life is the number one fundraising organization for cancer in the world with events held in over 20 countries. But as global as it's efforts are, Relay For Life is really all about communities of people coming together to strengthen, support and heal each other.

With an estimated ten thousand new cases of cancer each year, few families escape the pain of cancer. Those families are why Nebo Comfort Systems partners with the Relay For Life through their Community of Caring Program.

"We are one of those families touched by cancer," noted Robert. "We lost my father to esophageal cancer in 2009. Paul's music truly helped heal my heart and our family after loosing dad."

"Dick was the heart of our family. We've tried to turn our grief into fuel to drive us forward in our efforts," commented Lorene Moore, Marketing Director of Nebo Comfort Systems and Director of the Community of Caring Program. "It's so fitting to have Paul participating with us in this concert. And we love any opportunity to have him and his family with us. They just exude love and gratitude for life."

Sharing that love and gratitude is what the Music Heals High School Piano Composition Contest is also about.

"We have some amazingly talent students in our district. They are going to be the Paul Cardalls of the future and it is healing for all of us involved to be a part of helping them achieve that dream," added Lorene.

Last year's finalist literally blew Paul away with their talent. In fact, he was so impressed he was unable to decide on a winner to come record at his studio in Salt Lake and instead invited all three of them.

Knowing the healing power of music and having already felt the joy of sharing it, the Nebo Comfort Systems Community of Caring team is already hard at work to make the 2015 Music Heals Concert and Competition even better.

"We look forward to sharing this amazing event with all of you!"